The Tassos Group, LLC. is a family owned and operated business incorporated in 1995. The company was founded by Tassos Chronopoulos, who would be joined by both his daughter, Anne Marie (Anna) and his son, Michael in 1998. Still in its first generation of ownership, the family aims to personify itself with all the products carrying the Tassos® seal. Accordingly, we emphasize the values of education, dedication, and hospitality throughout our global community. This philosophy has guided the Tassos® brand from its creation to the present day.

Beginning with marketing the family’s Estate bottled Olive Oil to small boutique shops in Chicago’s gold coast; Tassos® earned the “Thumbs Up” from the Chicago Tribune® (1996). This recognition was followed by gold medals in blind taste competitions from some of America’s most accomplished Chef’s in both New York (1998) and San Francisco (1999). By 2004, Tassos® would be recognized by Consumer Reports® as one of the premier brands in the USA, and one of only two brands to mark in all measured characteristics regarding quality. By 2006, the Tassos® Brand carried the European Union’s prestigious and highly coveted certification of “Protected Designation of Origin.” 

Gaining momentum from the success with our olive oil, in 1998 we expanded the Tassos® Brand into other premium quality products. We’ve taken the responsibility to educate people about these products, which combine centuries of time-honored traditions with new world innovation. And so, The Tassos Family has been first to market with many products, including several items captured within signature pieces of sculpted glass containers designed by Tassos himself.

We hold our products out to be of artisan, handcrafted quality or better, esthetically pleasing and a catalyst for putting your life’s poetry into motion. Over the years, we’ve noticed that our customers share our values. We’ve learned Tassos’ customers live with a friendly and adventurous spirit, are without pretension, yet still demand the highest standards of quality and sophistication.

Today, fueled by that same sense of imagination and adventure, the Tassos family has created a solid infrastructure for the sourcing, production and distribution of Tassos® products from the Mediterranean and has developed strong domestic and international alliances throughout the world, all founded on the same principles of education, hospitality and dedication to quality performance, while never forgetting our humble beginnings and never loosing sight of our company’s mission: to be the premier brand of uncompromising quality, yet affordably priced products.

If it carries the Tassos seal, then it is, quite frankly, the best the world has to offer.

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