Tassos® Olives Stuffed with Garlic and Jalapeno

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If you are fussy, use a toothpick

There are so many reasons to recommend this jar of walloping-sized double hand-stuffed olives. Pop one in your mouth for a ‘wow’ nutrient dense bite of absolute delectability.

To create a sensory experience of visual beauty and delicious crunchy boldness, we hand-stuffed the world’s most acclaimed olive with:

  • a full clove of pearly White Garlic
  • a fresh Jalapeno slice from Mexico

The enhanced sensory experience begins with their visual beauty and culminates with the appetizingly crunchy boldness and texture of enormous green olives.

Our wide-mouth jar easily accommodates snacking fingers. These low-carb, healthy olives are always;

  • ready for a party, after school snack or an evening in front of the TV
  • ready to be chopped onto a pizza, dropped into a salad

Don’t toss that liquid! Tassos special brine is the tastiest and lowest sodium olive juice available.At only 4.5% sea salt, it is perfect:

  1. drown in any martini
  2. build your Blood Mary
  3. zesty marinades
  4. add Tassos olive oil for a tangy salad dressing or bread dip.
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